The Limelight Internet Showcase
The Limelight Internet Showcase

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Zay'Marie - Got That

Upcoming Performances


April 5, 2019 @ 6:45. Zay'Marie x Jerrell Melton LIVE at Venkman's

Come and catch Zay'Marie and Jerrell Melton performing their favorite hits from your favorite movie soundtracks, as they bring you Contemporary Cinema 2.


June 9, 2019 @ 7PM. Gold Shades x Oliver Twixt x Jerrell Melton x Zay'Marie LIVE at Smith's Olde Bar

Summer is on the way! Come and get a special performance from Atlanta's hottest up-and-coming talent, Gold Shades, Oliver Twixt, Zay'Marie and Jerrell Melton. 

Join The Limelight at Smith's Olde Bar, June 9th, just in time for the summertime turn up. If you made it to any of our past event's, you know, we're about to go ALL the way in. 

Smith's is a legendary venue with a history of creating legends. Amazing food and award winning staff. You're going to LOVE it. Get. Your. Tickets. Now. #LMGis2019 , indeed. 

Welcome to The Limelight. => BUYNOW

Gold Shades Album Release Concert | Feb 7, 19

Catch Zay'Marie and Gold Shades LIVE at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. Get There early, our last show sold out and people were upset. Get you tickets here => BUYNOW

The Limelight presents: Dreezy x Zay'Marie LIVE at The Buckhead | Mar 1, 19

The Limelight partnered with Live Nation and Interscope records to deliver an amazing concert with platinum selling, Dreezy and Atlanta's own Zay'Marie. The shows keep getting BIGGER and BIGGER. Come out and party!. Get your tickets here => BUYNOW

Past Performances

Zay'Marie is setting the ATL on fire. Catch her promoting the successful release of her first full length album, Brand New

  • November 2, 2018 @ 8pm. Buckhead Theatre  -- Danity Kane's The Universe is Undefeated Tour. TICKETS


Zay'Marie, ladies and gentlemen...

Zay doing an amazing cover several of her favorite love songs. Press play.

Catch Zay'Marie, Gold Shades, and Keeyen Martin June 26, 2018 at Smith's Olde Bar. Doors open at 7pm. Enjoy this Whitney cover, until then...



Embrace Your Passion

The Limelight was founded to remove the barriers artists encounter, as they build the foundation for their careers. Our mission is to build tools and provide the resources artists can use to develop and accelerate their careers; we make it easy to embrace your passion and share your gifts with the world. 


Live Life in Song

The Limelight is all about finding the most amazing music makers in the world and helping them to share their talent with as many people as possible. What's life without music? Music is a conversation that transcends the barriers of language; you feel it. That is what we LOVE and want to share with the world. We are on a mission to build a community that helps talent get the exposure it deserves. 


Welcome to The Limelight

We seek out the artists that haven't been discovered, but are ready for The Limelight of the big stage. We provide social media branding and management; we provide access to talent management; we provide record label submissions; we promote talent; we provide artist booking at local venues; we provide studio and engineering access; we offer consultations; we connect fans to the artists that that they are interested in. Find amazing music, local shows, connect with other users, and find exclusive content of the once in a lifetime experiences our clients will be sharing everyday. What can The Limelight do for you?

Welcome To The Limelight



Welcome to The Limelight.  I have worked since 2013 to build the app, find the audience, build the demand, as I found our niche. I love building ideas into reality. At this point, the world is starting to get it.  

The Limelight is simple. We find incredible underappreciated talent and connect them with our platform, resources, and business professionals that help that talent to reach their potential.

We provide:  

- Social media management  

- Finance, in some cases  

- Production needs 

- Producers, engineers, studio  

- Consultation  

- Representation  

- Software 

- EPK, promotion tool, development platform  

- Development package 

- shows, image, coaching  

- Creatives 

- videographer, photographer, journalist, pr  

- Radio promotion, DJ pools, promotion teams  

- Label submissions  

- Booking for non-clients

What Can The Limelight Do For You?

We provide the tools artists need to take control of their careers. Everyone doesn't have a rich aunt/uncle or a connection to someone who knows someone. Even then, you can't rely upon that. At some point. The artist should be able to build a team around them who can help them grow to their next level. It should be about the music. We want to act as that liaison, providing their next step to The Limelight. We then record everything and share it with the world. hashtag#LMGis2019


Let's Connect

Do you have questions, want to book an artist, or collaborate on a new project? Reach out and let's make magic happen. 

The Limelight Internet Showcase

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